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VI. Writing (25 points) Directions: For this part, you are supposed to write a letter of

VI. Writing (25 points)

Directions: For this part, you are supposed to write a letter of refasal in English in 100-120 words based on the following situation. Remember to write it clearly.

61. 你(Li Yuan)的朋友(Jack)邀请你暑期到他家乡—农村去度假。写封信委婉拒绝。信的内容如下:

(1) 对邀请表示感谢;

(2) 不能如愿的原因;

(3) 提出弥补的方式。

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Writing(25 points) 你(Li Yuan)刚买了一块表,但你不满意,因为它总有毛病。写一封抱怨信,其内容如

Writing(25 points) 你(Li Yuan)刚买了一块表,但你不满意,因为它总有毛病。写一封抱怨信,其内容如下: (1)买表的时间、地点; (2)出现的问题; (3)要求退货。



Ⅵ. Writing (25 points) Directions: For this part, you are supposed to write a composit

Ⅵ. Writing (25 points)

Directions: For this part, you are supposed to write a composition in 100—120 Fords based on the following situation. Remember to write it clearly.







There are a couple of big reasons why Microsoft is able to do so much overseas with so lit
tle. Firstly,【21】software products are so easy to manufacture, Gates doesn't have to worry【22】building and operating factories.【23】, Microsoft contracts (承包) out to others to duplicate and package much of its software. Secondly, and just as important, PCs are【24】cheap and easy to set up, unlike minicomputers, that businesses and governments【25】even the poorest and most backward nations can afford【26】. Of course, there are big problems too. Microsoft must adapt (调整) its products to support【27】of different languages and writing schemes, but that's another task it【28】increasingly farming out to local contractors. Also, software, like computers, faces stiff tariffs (关税) in many developing【29】. Until recently, for example, India demanded 112% duties (关税) on imported high-tech【30】.








However important we may regard school life to be, it cannot be denied that children spend
more time at home than in the classroom.【21】,the great influence of parents cannot be【22】or disregarded by the teacher. They can become【23】supporters of the school personnel or they can consciously or unconsciously interfere【24】the goals of the programs.

Teachers have been aware【25】the need for the newer methods used in schools. Many principals have【26】classes showing such matters【27】the reading, writing, and mathematics pro grams.

Moreover, the classroom teacher, with the permission of the principal, can also play an important【28】in helping parents. The many interviews carried【29】during the year as【30】as new ways of reporting pupils' progress, can significantly aid【31】achieving a good inter-reaction between school and【32】.

Too often, however, teachers' meeting【33】parents are【34】to unimportant accounts of children's bad acts, complaints【35】laziness and poor work habits, suggestions for punishments and rewards at home.

【36】is needed is a more creative way in which the teacher, as a professional adviser, plants ideas in【37】minds for the best use of the many hours that the child【38】out of the classroom.

In this way, the school and the home join【39】in bringing【40】the fullest development of youngsters' abilities.








In a few weeks, nigh school students face the prospect of taking the much-publicized new S
AT Reasoning Test, which for the first time will require them to write a timed essay. Yet colleges continue to send confusing signals about whether students applying in the fall to attend college must take the new exam.

Some schools, including Harvard, say they will accept scores from either the new test or the old SAT, which was administered for the last time in January and did not contain a writing section. The University of Central Florida, for example, will require the new test, which will be given for the first time on March 12. Still others, such as the University of Virginia, strongly recommend that prospective applicants take the new test but under some circumstances also will accept the old SAT. A number of colleges are delaying a decision. The College Board, which administers the SAT, surveyed more than 1,900 four-year schools and has heard back from slightly more than 500. Of those, 81% say they will require the new test, including schools such as Harvard that are giving students a choice in what will be a year of transition.

"Anything new goes through a special lens of evaluation," says Lee Stetson, admissions dean at the University of Pennsylvania, which judiciously will use results from the new writing section until officials have a chance to study the revised SAT's predictive validity.

A number of admissions deans are skeptical that the new exam will be an improvement. Charles Deacon, dean of undergraduate admissions at Georgetown University, says adding the essay "will create more barriers to poor kids who are less well-prepared". The test was rushed to market because the University of California system, a major College Board customer, threatened to stop requiting the SAT, he says. The test "was developed and marketed for all the wrong reasons". Deacon, who says he has been "badgered" by the College Board to endorse the new exam, has refused to do so.

Some schools, including Georgetown, Iowa's Grinnell College and Pennsylvania's Franklin and Marshall College, say that at least for now, they will not even look at scores from the writing section when making admission decisions. "We have adopted a wait-and-see attitude," says Dennis Trotter of Franklin and Marshall.

College Board officials counter that based on extensive field tests, they are confident the test is as reliable a predictor of freshman-year performance as the old SAT. Moreover, they say, well-trained scorers, many of them, high school English teachers, will grade the essays, which students have 25 minutes to write.

Amidst all the confusion, what should students do? Admissions deans and school counselors say to be sure to check with each college for requirements.

If a student took the old SAT in January, he has to take another test if he applies for

A.University of Virginia.

B.Georgetown University.

C.The University of Central Florida.

D.Harvard University.



Believe it or not,optical illusion (错觉) can cut highway crashes. Japan is a case in poin

Believe it or not,optical illusion (错觉) can cut highway crashes. Japan is a case in point. It has reduced automobile crashes on some roads by nearly 75 percent using a simple optical illusion. Bent stripes, called chevrons (人字形) painted on the roads make drivers think that they are driving faster than they really are, and thus drivers slow down.

Now the American Association Foundation for Traffic Safety in Washington D. C. is planning to repeat Japan's success. Starting next year, the foundation will paint chevrons and other patterns of stripes on selected roads around the country to test how well the patterns reduce highway crashes. Excessive speed plays a major role in as much as one fifth of all fatal traffic accidents, according to the foundation. To help reduce those accidents, the foundation will conduct its tests in areas where speed-related hazards are the greatest--curves, exit slopes, traffic circles, and bridges. Some studies suggest that straight, horizontal bars painted across roads can initially cut the average speed of drivers in half. However, traffic often returns to full speed within months as drivers become used to seeing the painted bar. Chevrons, scientists say, not only give drivers the impression that they are driving faster than they really are but also make a lane spear to be narrower. The result is a longer lasting reduction in highway speed and the number of traffic accidents.

The passage mainly discusses ______.

A.a new way of highway speed control

B.a new pattern for painting highways

C.a new approach to training drivers

D.a new type of optical illusion



The languages spoken by early Europeans are still shrouded in mystery. There is nolinguist

The languages spoken by early Europeans are still shrouded in mystery. There is no

linguistic continuity between the languages of Old Europe (a term sometimes used for

Europe between 7000 and 3000 B.C.) and the languages of the modem world, and we

cannot yet translate the Old European script, Scholars have deciphered other ancient

5 languages, such as Sumerian, Akkadian, and Babylonian, which used the cuneiform

script, because of the fortuitous discovery of bilingual inscriptions, When cuneiform

tablets were first discovered in the eighteenth century, scholars could not decipher them.

Then inscriptions found in baa at the end of the eighteenth century provided a link: these

inscriptions were written in cuneiform. and in two other ancient languages, Old Persian

10 and New Elamite--languages that had already been deciphered. It took several decades,

but scholars eventually translated the ancient cuneiform. script. via the more familiar

Old Persian language:

Similarly, the hieroglyphic writing of the Egyptians remained a mystery until French

troops unearthed the famous Rosetta stone in the late eighteenth century. The stone carried

15 the same message written in ancient Greek, Egyptian hieroglyphs, and Egyptian hieratic,

a simplified form. of hieroglyphs. The Rosetta stone thwarted scholars' efforts for several

decades until the early nineteenth century when several key hieroglyphic phrases were

decoded using the Greek inscriptions. Unfortunately, we have no Old European Rosetta

stone to chart correspondences between Old European script. and the languages that

20 replaced it.

Tim incursions of Indo-European tribes into Old Europe from the late fifth to the

early third millennia B.C. caused a linguistic and cultural discontinuity. These incursions

disrupted the Old European sedentary farming lifestyle. that had existed for 3,000 years

As the Indo-Europeans encroached on Old Europe from the east, the continent underwent

25 upheavals. These severely affected the Balkans, where the Old European cultures

abundantly employed script. The Old European way of life deteriorated rapidly, although

pockets of Old European culture remained for several millennia, ~ new peoples spoke

completely different languages belonging to the Indo-European linguistic family. The

Old European language or languages, and the script. used to write them, declined and

eventually vanished.

What does the passage mainly discuss?

A.Reasons for the failure to understand the written records of Old European culture

B.Influences on the development of Old European script

C.Similarities between Old European script. and other ancient writing systems

D.Events leading to the discovery of Old European script



Writing stories _______ not easy.







I recommended that the student () his composition as soon as possible.

A.finishing writing

B.should finish the writing

C.finish writing

D.finished writing



We use formal writing when writing essays for school or cover letter to apply for jobs.()
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